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Singer Island oceanfront condos

Here in Palm Beach County we have some beautiful options for oceanfront condos. Each area offers different condo styles, views and atmospheres. No area is better than another but just different amenities and feel. No matter if you are looking at Singer Island, Juno Beach, Jupiter or Jupiter Island we can assist you with finding that perfect oceanfront condo with an amazing view. When searching for an oceanfront condo you have several things to think about no matter if its Singer island condos or Jupiter condos.

Each condo has different perks that distinguish them apart. Before you even walk into a condo complex look at see. Do they have a manned gate, is the parking open, covered or garage? What amenities does the condo have? They all have pools but how about fitness centers, bike rooms or maybe outside jacuzzi or saunas? Just a few items to look at before you walk in the lobby door.

Once inside the lobby do they have security or is it an empty room. Do they have private elevators to your residence? How is the lobby maintained and updated? Does the condo spend money and keep the community prestine? Another big factor in older buildings is a community laundry and how many share. This can always be a deal killer for many customers.

Once in the condo itself  here are a few items to look at. The glass sliders are expensive and in need of constant maintenance. Does the condo have impact glass or hurricane shutters? Something you may want to think about. Those big sliders are expensive to install. Can the floor plan be opened up? Many older condos had tally kitchens closed off from the living areas. Are the views from the bedrooms decent. After all you are buying the ocean condo to look at water and views. Is the ceiling an 8ft or 9ft ceiling? Dou you like light and sun and if so you want a SE exposure. The SE exposure is the preferred exposure for most snowbirds. Lastly don’t forget to look at the financials and any special assessments that may be coming up.

Call the oceanfront condos expert who knows the market, specializes in oceanfront properties from Singer Island to Jupiter Island.

Singer Island Condos $2 mil +

Singer Island oceanfront condos

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