Best Condos on Singer Island

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Best Condos on Singer Island

You go to Google for a Florida vacation home and you type in Best condos on Singer Island and up comes your search results. Well what is the best condo on Singer Island? Is the most expensive condo the best place to live or is the $400,000 condo that is just 1,200 sq. ft with terrific views the best place to live on Singer Island.

The great part about living here is the vast number of choices of different condos. We have low rise condos on the beach and we have condos that are 40 stories tall. What makes the best condo on the beach? With so many different choices we can sit down with you and start a list of wants and needs. No matter what your budget is for an oceanfront condo you will have to sacrifice something. The best way to start is to sit down and think what you want in a Florida home. Here are a few questions you may ask.

  • How much time will you spend here?
  • What are your future plans?
  • How many people will be visiting or living with you?
  • What is a comfortable budget?

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Every condo has a different feel to the building. Some condos are busy and feel like a hotel while others are more quaint and fell like a home. Everyone has their own ideas of what is right for them. Each condo has different amenities such as fitness centers and club rooms. Some have open parking while others may have a garage. The views from the condo can be fair to incredible. The beach in front may be rocky or a nice sandy beach.  Look at all the different amenities, space and feel of each building and then decide what is most important to you. You may never step foot on the sand and rather have a beautiful resort style pool. I have my favorite condos on Singer Island but to me the most important aspect of an oceanfront condo is the view  especially if it is just a vacation home. If you have a million dollars then you can get a great view, garage parking , beautiful clubhouse and a new unit but if you have less you have to see what makes you most happy.

I can provide you a list of some of my favorite Singer Island condos that I like in every different price range. You will know right away when you enter the lobby if the condo is for you. Take a look at a few of the Singer Island condos below and I’m happy to give you additional information about each community. Remember we sell the beach and we know Juno Beach and Jupiter condos as well. Call me to show the best show the best condos on Singer Island.

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Best condos on Singer Island


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