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Singer Island Condos


When beginning a search for Singer Island condos there are a few tips that I would recommend when looking at different condo buildings. With so many choices of Singer Island condos you will need some guidance.

First many older condos will have the 8 ft ceilings which drop down to just over 7ft wherever the A/C ducts run. Condos will have either a water cooling tower on the roof or individual A/C units depending upon the height of the buildings. Taller buildings will have water towers. The average A/C unit that sits on the roof may last 5 to 8 years.

Many older condos on Singer Island may have community laundry rooms as well which can be a big negative today. The good news is many condos can have washer/dryers put in closets to give you your own laundry. As far as pets most older condos will either limit pet size or have a no pet policy.

In the individual condos here are a few items to look for. Many condos either have accordian shutters or hurricane windows. You will see more condos with the shutters than hurricane windows due to the cost of the sliders. A typical slider could be up to $10,000 to install and some condos will have several of them. Many condos that sit on the beach have original sliders and windows which have been beat up by the salt water. Some can easily be repaired by putting on new rollers but at times the tracks become so bad they can not be repaired. This could be a large expense. The same issue goes for the windows which most likely have never been opened and are sealed shut by the salt. This is an important part of a condo inspection.

You may also see drywall deterioration near windows and sliders from bad caulking or just old windows that are leaking. Remember many of these condos have original windows and sliders that are reaching their life expectancy. Don’t forget in a condo you own from the drywall out. Everything behind your drywall is the condos responsibility.

When starting a search for Singer Island condos or any oceanfront condo be sure to inspect these items closely. After all you don’t want any surprises after you purchase you Singer Island condo. Call me to show you the best Singer Island properties for sale.

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